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Bear Fishing
Black Bowl (featuring Orange Man)
Buffalo Ancient Power
Coming Full Circle
Dancing it Up
Double Dreamer (silver)
Embrace (silver)
Embraces (brown marble & silver)
Exotic Woman (bronze)
Exotic Woman (stone)
Figure Walking (foundry)
Flying Hearts
Grandfather Protection
Great Catch
Happy Man
Happy Man (monk)
Kuan Yin (black)
Kuan Yin (gold)
Kuan Yin (green)
Kuan Yin (large, 3ft)
Kuan Yin (resin)
Kuan Yin (small)
Joy, the Laughing Camel
Lovers (green-gold)
Lovers (green patina)
Lovers (resin)
Lovers (silver)
Meditation (bronze)
Monkey Business
Mother & Baby (stone)
Mother & Infant (pink bronze)
Mother & Infant (red)
Mother & Infant (silver)
Mother & Child (bronze)
Polar Bear
Shell Bowl (color)
Soul Mates (silver)
Soul Passage (woman)
Oh Darlin'
Reverent Woman (stone)
Shell Bowl (green)
Soul Passage (angel)
St Francis
Orange Man
Rocky, the Rock Star
Silver Ceramic Flower
Soul Passage (stone)
Stone Angel
Stone Dog
Stone Speaker
Stone Figure
Strollers (green)
Happy Man (stone)
Strollers (resin)
Strollers (silver)
Teton Spirit (stone)
Teton Spirit (green)
Teton Spirit (red)
Teton Spirit (silver marble)
Thin Man (color)
Thin Man (silver)
Wings of Flight 1
Wings of Flight 2
Wings (silver)
Flying Lovers (stone)
Laying Lovers (stone)
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