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Joy Watson, M.Ed., has worked as an international communications and learning consultant in business, education, and health. As the principal consultant of Mind Fitness International, she developed the integrated educational-health methodology, known as Mind Fitness. She has designed communication programs to maximize human potential, personal and team success, and wellness, and has conducted seminars on Mind Fitness for governments and corporate clients.

As a human development educator, Ms. Watson holds degrees in sociology and speech and language pathology. She is the author of books on the subject of Mind Fitness, From Stress to Sanity, The Up Side of Being Down and co authored, The Mind Fitness Program for Esteem and Excellence. She is presently working as a stone and bronze sculptor in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


1996 - 1999

Ellen Sidor, Provincetown, MA



Ralph Mesner, Boston Museus of Fine Arts, Boston, M


Fred Bronstein, The Carving Studio, Rutland, VT


Bart Uchida, De Cordova Museum, Weston, MA


Gail Whitsitt Lynch, Rhode Island School of Design


Sandy Scott, Jackson, WY, (workshop)


Rip Caswell, Jackson, WY, (workshop)


& Shows

De Cordeva Museum, Student Show, MA


Attleboro Museum, Community Show, MA

Foxboro Art Association, Members, MA

Jackson Hole Art Association, Members, WY

Volunteers’ Exhibit: National Museum of Wild Life Art, WY

Wind River Art Association, WY

Sight-Insight Gallery, CA

(that cast Joy's art from stone to metal)

Engle Bronze Foundry in Lander, Wyoming

Northwest Art Casting Foundry in Bozeman, Montana


1968 - 1997

Speech, language and learning specialist in schools and hospitals from Boston to Hawaii to Europe and back again.


1978 - 1984

Build and managed landscape nursery on Maui, Hawaii.


Soviet Academy of Sciences and Institute of Psychology, Mind Fitness presentations and lectures, Moscow, which they called “practical psychology for the people.” Published in the Soviet Journal of Psychology by the Soviet Academy of Sciences and Institute of Psychology.


1989 - 1992

Crosby Heafy, Roach and May Legal Corporation, Oakland, CA. Wide range of human development seminars on stress management, team development and communication skills.


1994 - 1995

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Amsterdam, The Netherlands developed international communication outreach and corporate video production for customer service department.


Range of smaller professional clients and individuals. Create customized programs tailored to fit individual needs.

Stone & Bronze

1977 - 1995

Background in clay, work was sculptural in nature


Introduced to stone carving techniques by native Zimbabwe artists while living in Europe

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